Time for a garden walk in Paris, the greenest city in Europe.

Did you know that the city of Paris has a 2.5€ million € budget for the flowers and shrubs that it plants in the 450 parks throughout the city ? With over one fourth of the total area of the city dedicated to parks, gardens and woods, Paris is the greenest city in Europe! They come in all styles and sizes, from the ceremonialistic royal gardens of the Tuileries and the Luxembourg to the large greens of the Invalides and the Champs de Mars and the smaller ones that pop up all around town, like the Square René Viviani next to the Notre Dame cathedral. No better place to spend lunchtime or sunny days than relaxing with wine and cheese on a park bench or strolling and people gazing in Paris… Here are our Top 3 Paris Gardens :

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris best garden

1• Jardin du Luxembourg (Place Edmond Rostand, 6th arrondissement) : our favorite place to sun, stroll, picnic, and play. The gardens and their striking palace were occupied by the Italian monarch Marie de Medicis during the Renaissance, and the elegant formal gardens still bloom each year in majestic fashion! The building currently houses the French Senate.

Buttes Chaumont Paris best gardens

2• Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (Rue Botzaris, 19th arrondissement): conceived by the architect Haussmann in the 19th century, the parc is a sweeping romantic-style park whose dramatic waterfalls and rolling green hills provide a welcome sense of enchantment and fresh air to overcrowded Parisians. A great spot to explore if you want to see where the locals go to get away from the stress…

Parc Monsouris Paris best gardens

3• Parc Montsouris (Boulevard Jourdain, 14th arrondissement): close to Montparnasse, Montsouris is an English-style park complete with imitation-wood pathways, rolling hills, a pond, and statues. Kids will enjoy its many playgrounds, pony rides, and traditional puppet theatre. Its nearly 1400 trees, many of them at least a century old, provide poetic shade…

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