Delight your senses with an exquisite dinner at Paris’ Shang Palace…

From the outside, the new Shangri-La hotel in Paris (located next to Paris’ landmark Trocadero) has a French Riviera flavour, with snappy green awnings against a limestone façade and palms on the balconies. On the inside, however, a 19th-century Parisian opulence sparkles — mahogany, silk, marble, fluffy couches and crystal chandeliers fill Paris‘ first new palace hotel in years. The organization perfectly restored the former home of the French imperial prince Roland Bonaparte, grand-nephew of Emperor Napoleon, taking such pains as to remove and rehabilitate the 1896 building’s original wood floors… We dined at the hotel’s flagship restaurant, The Shang Palace and had the rare opportunity to ask Cantonese Chef Frank Xu to cook us a ‘surprise’ menu.

The Shangri La Hotel entrance Paris

The food was wonderful beyond belief (smoked bean curd skin filled with shredded vegetable, stir-fried pork with clams and chives, wok-fried snow beans with fried taro, rice in lotus leaf, crispy pumpkin puffs, sweetened egg-white almond cream with sesame ball etc.) with the 5 stars service of a Shangri-La, welcoming staff members and fair prices. Our dishes were very tasty, spicy and exotic. This restaurant will certainly become one of the best genuine Chinese restaurants in Paris… and it succeeds with panache! Paris’ Shang Palace brings the Shangri-La much closer to paradise. We will definitely visit them again for a Dim Sun lunch…

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